Wish list from 2017 favourites

I filmed earlier in the week my best of 2017 makeup and explained in that post, that they are my favourite videos of the whole year to watch and they really are. So for basically three weeks straight I just watch everyone’s favourite products of the year. This does lead to a rather large wish list of my own.

So I decided to put together a bit of a wish list post, of the things that are now on my radar to try out. For the most part, it is specific products, but there are also a couple of brands that I have been meaning to try out and haven’t actually used anything from the brand before.

Brands to try

Colourpop is one of the brands that I can’t believe I haven’t tried anything from. Their single shadows look amazing, their lip products also look great. So I will definitely be trying out Coloupop this year. (If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments.)

Another brand I really want to try this year is Nurse Jamie. I have seen so many great reviews that it is about time I tried some bits from this brand. I think my first purchase will be the uplift facial roller, which is meant to be amazing.

Allies of Skin is a super pricey brand, which is why I have been delaying purchasing anything. However; every time I read or hear anything about the brand it is always amazing. Maybe something to put on my birthday list.

The last brand I really want to try is Votary. A luxury skin care brand that I am super interested in trying. The cleansing oil will be the first thing on my list for sure. But there are lots of other products that look incredible.

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  1. 14th January 2018 / 7:56 pm

    I love reading wishlists, it’s great for getting ideas and seeing what’s other people are into! Colourpop is definitely on my list of brands to try this year too. I see lots of it on my insta feed and it always sounds so good. I want to try some Glossier too.

    Great post as always!

    Samantha x

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