Travel Minis

I recently talked in my “Beauty Packing Tips” video about travel minis and how they are great to take away with you, but to try and stick to travel size versions of products you already use. The last thing you want on holiday is to take a load of travel minis you have never tried before and then have an allergic reaction or to break out in spots. Now that is extreme, you may not break out or have a reaction, you may just find your skin isn’t looking at its best – yet it is probably one of the times of the year when you take the most pictures, and wear the least makeup because of the heat, so want your skin to look its best, so that isn’t ideal either. So back to my original point, travel minis are great, but try to collect miniature versions of products you normally use.






However; and a big HOWEVER; is that these travel sized products go off a lot quicker than their full sized counterparts. I should know the science behind it – but I don’t. What I do know is that I have, many a time, come to use a travel sized product and found it has completely dried up or got a bit of a funky smell. So, as much as I do strongly recommend taking travel minis of full sized products you use, I would also REALLY recommend that you use up all of the miniature version on your holiday and the last of whatever is left when you get back and then just re-fill it right before your next trip. Rather than hoarding them all away, full, right until your next over night stay and then finding they have all gone bad and gone to waste.







Things like moisturisers and masks can quite visibly dry up but serums may not be as noticeable, but they will still be passed their best. Best case they won’t be effective and so will not be giving you the skin benefits you think they are (which isn’t really a best case, as it is a waste of time and your skin is missing out on all the goodness, but it won’t do you actual harm.) Worst case they will break you out as they have totally gone off and that is the last thing you want.





I would recommend finding an attractive way to store all of your samples or miniature sized products, where they are easily accessible so you can get to them easily and remember to use them up. If you are anything like me, you may have hundreds of minis – I seem to get sample sizes of things every time I buy a full size product, so they really build up. So I try to include at least one sample sized product in every skincare routine. I don’t always remember, but at least if I aim to do that, I will actually make a dent in them.




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