Tips to achieve flawless looking skin

Today’s post is sharing my thoughts on achieving flawless skin. Having gorgeous complex eyeshadow looks and “on-point” eyebrows are great but they can only make you look so good if you have a thick cakey base. Whereas a flawless base will really make a difference to any make up look.

I’m not going to go into too much detail on each point, as each point requires it’s own post, which I will do later in the week, but for now I will do a quick overview on the key things to achieve a flawless looking base.

  1. A great skincare routine. You can apply all the fancy makeup in the world, but if you don’t look after the skin underneath it, it can only ever look so good.
  2. Preparing the skin properly. There are so many primers to choose from, all to address different concerns – dry skin, oily skin, large pores, fine lines, dull skin etc. but picking the right one for your skin concern will help you base to go on much easier.
  3. Picking the right foundation for you – this is both colour (you don’t need to use a darker foundation to “add warmth” that is what bronzer is for) and formulation ( if you have dry skin, don’t buy a super matte foundation, it will only cling to dry patches)
  4. Use the right tools. People underestimate the difference a good quality foundation brush / beauty blender can make. My mom has been using her faithful brush for years and thought it did a great job. I finally got her to try something different last week and she is completely converted and cannot believe the difference in the finish. So it really is worth investing.
  5. Only apply foundation where you need it. Foundation is there to help even out skin tone and help create a blank canvass to work with, but not every inch of your skin needs a thick layer of foundation over it. Apply a thin layer and concentrate more so on the trouble areas to even things out.
  6. Use concealer. This is where you can go back and really build up the coverage in the areas you need the extra help, whilst allowing the rest of your skin to show through and give the impression of a naturally flawless base.
  7. Colour correctors for dark circles. I suffer with naturally really dark circles, no matter how much sleep I get or water I drink, so I have spent years of my life trying to search for the perfect cure. I personally love a high coverage colour corrector first (Tarte coloured clay CC undereye corrector is by far THE BEST I haver ever used.) This will take the deep blue colour from the dark circle, then go on top with a concealer to match the colour back to your base. I then dab a little dot of a highlighting concealer in the very darkest corner.
  8. Highlight the skin. A touch of highlighter on the high points of the face, that the light would naturally catch, adds a really healthy glow to the skin.
  9. Skin mists. Throughout the day, makeup can start to look less fresh, a quick spritz of a good quality facial mist will freshen everything back up.

I hope some of these pointers have helped. Please share any tips you have to achieving an amazing flawless base.

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