Three new mascara loves

I find mascaras a really difficult product to recommend, because everyone seems to have such massively different preferences. I’ve lost count of the amount of mascaras I have bought over the years, that have been totally raved about by someone (sometimes by multiple people), only to get it home and find my lashes look awful using it.

My main problem, is that my lashes are quite short, and extremley straight. So I have to curl my lashes, a lot, before applying mascara. Even after curling them, I have to make sure I follow it with the right type of mascara, otherwise it just weighs them down, so the curl drops out and I am back to looking like I have no lashes.




As you may, or may not know, waterproof mascara is renowned for holding a curl better. Which is great news for me, as I also get a lot of transfer from mascaras, under the eye and on the eye lid. So waterproof mascaras help out with this too. So I tend to always try the waterproof version of a mascara. Which is true with the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara, I bought the waterproof formula and really love it.





I find the Baby Roll mascara really makes me look like I have twice as many lashes as before applying. I find the curl lasts really well and it doesn’t flake or smudge. I have been really enjoying wearing this as my first layer and then layering over the top one of the other two mascaras.

As for the other two mascaras they are controversially not waterproof and although I do find the curl does drop slightly, I still find they do an amazing job, so for those of you with naturally longer and curlier lashes, these would be amazing and as I mentioned above, I have been loving using them as my second layer.



The first is the L’Oreal Lash Paradise, which was the very reason I went in to Boots in the first place. This is a mascara that the American bloggers raved about, because it came to America before the UK. I knew I wanted to try it, but already expected it to not work for me, but I was proved wrong. Even on my short, straight lashes it worked wonders. The first thing I noticed, was how black it made my lashes look. I don’t know how or why, as I always buy black or blackest black in mascaras, but this one some how makes them look so dark. It coats the lashes really quickly, but without making them clumpy. It did pull the curl down slightly, but they didn’t completely drop and it made my lashes look longer too. This was a big thumbs up from me and this is my favourite mascara to layer over the top of the new Rimmel one I bought.



The next mascara is the Bourjois adjustable volume reveal mascara. This isn’t brand new to me, I  have had the mascara once before, after my first LVL lash lift, and I seriously loved it. I haven’t had it since then, but when I did my latest Boots haul, I got this as part of a free gift and after using it, it reminded me how much I loved it – and I don’t think I have blogged about it before.

As the name suggests, the idea is that you can control how much volume you get from your lashes, by applying more or fewer layers of the mascara. This is not a mascara to use when you are in a rush, as one layer is really not enough to get any form of impact. The brush head grabs each lash, and coats it, but in a very subtle way, so you do not get too much product on the lashes, which is great for a short, straight lashed girl like me, as it means the lashes don’t just suddenly get swamped with too much product and then drop ( I find I get that with the L’Oréal Sculpt mascara, which LOADS of people love, but it is just too much product for me.) However; if you have the time to let each layer dry and build it up, after layer 3 they start looking very impressive. It is a mascara I am really glad to have back in my collection, it just needs a little bit more patience than the other two, but the results are worth it.

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