The Body Shop – Drops of Light Day Cream

The Body Shop kindly gave me a sample of their Drops of Light Day cream last week. Fast forward only one week and I have had to go and buy a full size pot of this gorgeous moisturiser. I have used it every morning since trying it, which is really saying something for me, as I very rarely do that, I nearly always switch up my products daily. So that is when I know I really like something.

The idea behind this range is to make the skin look brighter and more luminous. If you read the blog regularly  I am sure you are noticing a theme by now – I’m all about the luminosity and glow, so I was already super interested in the range before even trying it. In terms of brightening the skin, it definitely does do that and I can see on bare skin that it looks more luminous- but I do use lots of products for the glow – glow giving foundations, super luminous primers, highlighters, light diffusing powders, brightening masks and serums etc. so it is probably going to have less of a “wow”  impact on that front for me as it is one of many products in that category.

However, where it  did really impress me was the way it made my skin feel. This product really, really agrees with my skin. It felt instantly much softer, noticeably so. It soaked in beautifully to the skin and immediately made the skin feel more hydrated, it felt rich and nourishing but without being heavy at all, in fact quite the opposite, it felt light on the skin.

Another thing I love, is how well makeup sits on top of it. I have used some really expensive moisturisers in my time, that feel great on bare skin and then you try to apply makeup and the moisturiser balls up on the skin and rolls off. One I clearly remember that happening with is a Zelens (which is a brand I usually LOVE – their Transformer Instant Renewal Mask is to die for) Moisturiser which set me back £95 and just rolled into balls and peeled off my face, when trying to apply makeup.  Not Drops of Light Day Cream, no sign on rolling and makeup applies beautifully on top of it.

I have also noticed that at the end of a working day, when I have had  my make up on for around 11 hours, that my skin still looks hydrated and bright. So the effects are long lasting and it is keeping me hydrated all day, without the need for a refreshing spritz.

I am extremely impressed with this day cream especially at £20 for 50ml (or £14 with the 20% off.) I bought the serum too, so I could try that and see if it is of the same quality, I will report back on that.


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