Sunday Riley – Good Genes


My sister and I both love our Sunday Riley Good Genes so for Mother’s Day 2015 we bought Mom a bottle as part of her prezzie and she absolutely loved it, used it up really quickly but then forgot about it. A year passed by and she had been moaning about her skin again, so we bought her another bottle this Mother’s Day.

She has literally raved about the difference in her skin, so much so I felt it was time to review this product. My mom has lovely skin anyway, but is starting to feel like her age is showing and this product has really made a visible difference to her skin. It is softer, plumper, the fine lines are less prominent and she has a real glow to her skin. She must have text me at least 4 or 5 times to tell me about the difference it is making too, which I think is a great recommendation for it.

It is a serum, so it is best used on dry skin after cleansing before your moisturiser, on the evenings. You will find some sites suggest applying a thick layer as a mask and then wiping off after 10 minutes – I would personally NEVER waste such a large amount of this amazing product by wiping it off, so would definitely stick with applying like a normal serum.

This is not a product you need in your skin care regime if you are early 20’s or younger. Mid to late 20’s on onwards for this one.

It is not a cheap product, so it is not for you if you are looking for a bargain product. But if you do enjoy investing in your skin care this really is a wonderful product. It has a little tingle on the skin when you apply it, but nothing too much. I have really sensitive skin, and have had so many allergic reactions over the years I have lost count, but I have never reacted to this – other than positively. That said, it is an extremely “active” product so I would see if you can try a little test patch from SpaceNK before splurging, if you do have sensitive skin.


The price is the only negative thing to say about this product. I really do love it and would strongly recommend it for anyone who is starting to feel they can see the slight signs of age  (or slightly too much partying) kicking in.





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