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I asked in my best makeup products of 2017 video if any of you would like to see my skincare favourites too. I had quite a few people contact me to say they would like to see that too. But as we are now just in to February, I thought doing a video on my 2017 skincare favourites may be a little late. So I thought I would still talk about it but in a blog post instead.

I have decided to do this post the same way as my makeup one. So it is my favourite product for each category, rather than favourite release of 2017.


Any of you who regularly watch my channel or read my posts will know that I always double cleanse in the evenings. The first cleanse is to remove the makeup and spf that I have been wearing that day. The second is to actually clean my skin. I found that for my first cleanse I really mixed it up this year. (In previous years I have always used, almost exclusively, The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil.) So I’m not going to pick a favourite for my first cleanse, as I’ve been a bit of a floozy here.

My second cleanse favourite is an easy decision. The Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. This is the most gorgeous, luxurious feeling balm cleanser. I can’t get enough of it. I bought it for my sister for part of her Christmas present and recommended it to lots of friends to put on their Christmas list. It is FAR too luxurious to take your actual makeup off with it, you want to get all of the Hungarian goodness directly onto your face.





This is a hard category for me. I used the same few acids all year, right until December and then used three new ones that I really love. I can’t really call them 2017 favourites though, as I have only used them for one month of the year. So I think I’d have to say the Dr Dennis Gross Acid Pads, as they had more of an impact than the Nip and Fab pads I use and than Pixi Glow Tonic. They are however, eye wateringly expensive, which is what puts me off picking them. So…I’m not sure I can really pick an over all winner this year.

Eye Cream

I am really sorry to say the winner of this category is another EXPENSIVE product. I do love lots of more affordable products, but generally makeup. Skincare is something I tend to splurge on. My 2017 favourite eye cream was the Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream. I found this eye cream really helped plump my fine lines and to hydrate the eye area. It didn’t deal with my dark circles, but nothing does. They are just genetic.


Tata Harper



I found a lot of disappointing mists in 2017. Ones that did very little, or actually made my skin go really red and react a little bit. The mist I used the most was the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist. I find this mist soft and soothing on the skin after acid, and it adds a lovely layer of hydration before the next steps.


pixi mist



This is another tricky one. As there are so many different serums for different concerns, so picking one is really hard. I think my two most used serums are the Olay Regenerist 3 point serum and The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid serum. I absolutely love the consistency of the Olay serum, I find products layer beautifully on top and it adds hydration as well as firming the skin. The Ordinary HA I would then layer over the top right before my moisturiser. It attracts up to 1000 its weight in water. So basically allows your moisturiser to work better.




the ordinary



I had a clear favourite for evening time and that was Filorga Time Filler. The consistency of this gorgeous moisturiser is just like silk. It isn’t sticky or greasy, but feels so nourishing.  It is meant to have line filling resulta, but it is quite hard for me to comment on this, as I don’t actually really have any lines. I just love the way it feels on the skin.




For a day time moisturiser it as a real toss up between The Body Shop Drops of Light moisturiser – this is a truly beautiful moisturiser. The winner, however; had to be La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra. It is the only moisturiser I can use if I am suffering a reaction of any sort, and that’s why its clinched the title.


la roche posay



Another pricy choice – but a truly beautiful product. One that I would immediately repurchase if I ran out, despite the price tag. It is the Rose Plus Booster by MV Organic. It isn’t full of cheap filler oils, it is a gorgeous mix of organic oils. I suffer with quite a lot of redness and this oil is so wonderful for this.


rose oil



There is no way I can pick one favourite here. So I am picking three (sorry, not sorry.) Masks are my jam. I just love at home pampering. In September I did a mask challenge, where I had to do a mask a day for the whole of September. I didn’t manage 30 in the end, but I still did manage a good amount, I think about 20. I sadly only discovered one mask that I really liked and hadn’t used before. It did however really show me even more, how much I love masks.

The most obvious of my favourites is the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme. There is no better mask in my opinion. I have tried hard to find something to top it, but nothing does.


peter thomas roth


My other two favourites are the Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Mask and the Glossier Moisturising Moon mask. The EL mask is a strange one, because it makes your skin look so much better, but without being able to fully put your finger on why. It just looks visibly better. It looks a bit more radiant,  a bit more hydrated just healthier.




The Glossier mask is a gorgeous hydrating mask, that helps plump the skin by adding some more hydration to the skin. This has been a firm 2017 favourite, even though I only got it towards the end of the year.





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