September’s Mask Challenge

I regularly see different skincare and beauty based challenges on Instagram and I have never joined in with one before; however, I saw this mask challenge started by two other Instagramers (@mapletreeblog and @maskaddict) and decided I would join in with this one.

It is very straight forward, you try a different face mask each day, according to the day’s criteria. So the first day is Honey, which means you pick out a honey face mask, you do that face mask and then feedback your thoughts on the mask.



I won’t be doing daily updates on Instagram, as I personally don’t enjoy seeing that in my feed, so don’t want you guys to have to see the same. Especially when there could be hundreds of other people doing the challenge too, so your feed can become a bit full of one thing. Instead I will do weekly updates on my blog and Instagram, where I recap the week’s masks so you know which I chose and just mention any stand out masks or any awful ones.

I am really looking forward to masking every day for a month, as it is something I do sometimes slack off doing, so will be really interested to see how my skin reacts to the daily pampering – and if I can keep it up for a whole month! I wouldn’t be surprised, if I had to make a few changes to the line up in order to fit in with my schedule – but we will see. I will attempt to stay on track.


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