September’s Mask Challenge

For any of you who didn’t catch my first post on this – I decided I would join in with a September face mask challenge that I saw on Instagram, but rather than daily Instagram posts I said I would do weekly blog posts, to update you on the masks I have used for that week and my thoughts on them.



I started off really well, sticking to the mask-a- day challenge but I found out quite soon on, that it wasn’t ideal for my skin.  I have very sensitive skin and the nature of the challenge meant I was trying a lot of new masks I’ve never used before, some of which were great but some had an adverse effect on the skin. It also meant I couldn’t fully identify which mask had caused the adverse effect. I used a cheap-ish mask from The Sanctuary on a Thursday, and my skin seemed fine. I then used on the Friday an EXTREMELY expensive mask from La Prairie and the next morning I woke up with a lot of bumps over the skin. They weren’t huge and probably weren’t noticeable to anyone else, but I knew they were there and my skin just didn’t look as nice as normal, my make up was sitting weirdly on my skin – but I just didn’t know if that was a delayed response to The Sanctuary mask or the La Prairie mask.

After this happened, I decided I needed to leave a day or two after trying a new mask, before trying another. So I can fully see the results on my skin. So I am still doing the challenge, but in my own way.

After that long ramble, let me get on to telling you my thoughts on the masks I have done.

Day one was honey and so I chose to use the Honey Potion mask from Farmacy. It is a yellow coloured mask that changes to a clear colour once applied on the skin. It is a thick gel like consistency. This was a mask I was really excited to get my hands on, as I have heard so much about the brand; however I was left a little disappointed. It wasn’t bad at all, but I just felt like it didn’t really make any difference at all either. My skin just looked the same. It is a warming mask, that gently warms as you apply it to the skin and it is meant to nourish the skin and leave a glowing complexion. I didn’t feel I looked particularly glowing after using it, but maybe I would notice the results more if I used it on a day where I felt my skin looked quite dull, whereas on that day I felt my skin already looked quite radiant. The picture below is me with the face mask on.





Day 2 was sea life, so I went with a peel off seaweed face mask from 7th heaven, which was a brand I found in Boots and had heard nothing about. It was super cheap at £1 and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The first thing I must say is that it STUNK, it was seriously a disgusting smelling mask. That aside it left my pores clear and my skin super soft. My skin was really ready for a layer of moisturiser after, but not horrendously tight. It peeled off pretty well, it was only the areas where I applied the product slightly too thick that it didn’t come off too well.





Day 3 was floral, so I went for an Origins flower fusion sheet mask. This mask was a rose hydrating face mask and I was really quite impressed with it. First thing I noticed was that it was super juicy, and by that I mean it had a lot of the hydrating liquid on it. It was literally freezing cold when I put it on, it actually made me jump a little bit it was that cold. The sheet itself was quite large, slightly too big for my face. It had a beautiful scent and most importantly it did an amazing job. My skin felt really plump and the fine lines around my eyes were completely gone. It costs £5 for one sheet mask and you can buy them from Boots.



Day 4 was vitamins, so I opted for the Vitamin E night cream from The Body Shop.  This was a bit of a let down if I am totally honest. Not really any noticeable difference to the skin at all. It wasn’t terrible, my skin was moisturised, it just didn’t look massively different. I normally love the Body Shop products but this is not a big win for me.

Day 5 was stranger things, and I chose a purifying charcoal bubbling sheet mask from The Sanctuary. It really was crazy. The package was split into two chambers, one having the top part of the mask the other the bottom half. That did mean you could get a really good fit on the face, but the mask was really quite tricky to actually open. It did bubble up quite a lot and it did leave the skin feeling very smooth after. However; as I had done the seaweed mask only two days before, my skin was quite clear and so I couldn’t see a huge difference and as I mentioned earlier, I’m not sure if this is the mask that caused the reaction.




Day 6 was a character mask – I ducked out of this one, as I really wasn’t bothered by trying any of the character masks and would have been wasting money buying this for the sake of it.

Day 7 was multi masking and I mixed it up a little here. I went for a hair mask, a foot mask and overnight hand mask, rather than multi masking on the face. I used Olaplex number 3 for my hair, which I was really impressed with. I have very over processed hair, yet it still made it feel so smooth. For my feet, I used my favourite Argan Oil foot pack, which is a little pre-soaked pair of booties to put your feet in and leave them to work for 30 minutes. I think they are totally fab, any dry skin is immediately gone and they only cost £1 from Poundland of all places. The overnight hand mask was the Sarah Chapman overnight hand and nail treatment. It has a bit of a gross smell, my hubby always moans when I put it on before bed, because it smells so strongly, but it does do a wonderful job of sorting any dry skin on my hands out.



Day 8 was red and there was one obvious red mask and that was the L’Oréal Clay mask in the red colour, which is the brighten and exfoliate mask. I didn’t however want to physically use this mask, as last time I used it I had an awful allergic reaction to it, but this was the only red mask I have ever had in my collection. So this is a big no go for me, however I know a lot of the beauty world went really crazy for these masks, so that is why it is my red mask choice.



Day 9 was body care and I decided to do a thick layer of Soap and Glory Heel Genius cream as a hydrating foot mask. It worked well, but I imagine it was helped by the fact that I had used the hydrating foot pack just a couple of days before.

Day 10 was wash off and I used a new favourite of mine, the Body Shop Amazonian Acai mask. From the first use, I fell in love. It is a jam like consistency, with little exfoliating beads in, that gently slough away the dead skin. You then leave it on for 10-15 minutes, wash it off and it just leaves amazing skin, that is soft, smooth and super bright.



I will continue next week with part 2 from September’s masking challenge.

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