Recovering from the Christmas Party

On Friday I blogged about my favourite pieces of makeup to bring out for the festive season. So I thought it only seemed right to talk today about the products I like to use to recover from the Christmas parties.

The first product I love to use is Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I have talked about this product loads on the blog, and with good reason. It is a real live saver product that helps you wake up looking human, after very little sleep and far too many drinks, It does require you to remove your makeup the night before, not just fall straight asleep on the bed with a full face of makeup on. However, even if you can just get a face wipe out (I don’t say that often) to get the makeup off and then soak a cotton pad with the liquid gold, you will look much better for it in the morning. All you need to do is swipe the soaked cotton pad all over your face and go to sleep. You don’t need to apply anything after, you just leave the liquid gold to work its magic.

Once you are awake the next day, I would recommend a thorough cleanse of the skin with your cleanser of choice, as a late night rushed cleanse (or worse, a face wipe!!) doesn’t do the trick. I would then go in with a thick layer of a hydrating mask. My fave is the Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask.  It is very simple, so doesn’t aggravate already unhappy skin. Apply a thick layer and leave it on for a good 10-15 minutes, or as long as you have spare.

I like to avoid the eye area with the Aveda mask and instead apply the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye gels. They are a small under eye  mask/gel patch that you apply to the under eye area and leave for 10 minutes and when you remove they have helped reduced puffiness, fine lines (which you find will be much worse when the body is dehydrated from a few bevvies the night before) and will have firmed the eye area –  a real life saver for post parties.

After you have washed off the mask and removed the eye patches I would suggest a good quality oil, as it is all about trying to get the hydration back into you skin. Even if you suffer from oily skin, you will still probably be dehydrated, as that is totally separate to being oily or dry. Around 90% of the population is dehydrated and even more so after consuming too much alcohol, not enough water and not enough sleep. For me, I would reach for the MV Organics Rose plus booster, which is my all time favourite but I know not everyone would want to spend the £78 on a face oil. So I would recommend the Body Shop Oils of Life oil as that is another beautiful oil which is far more reasonably priced at £28 and under half the price of the MV Organics oil.

I would suggest you apply your normal moisturiser over the top and move on to makeup. Whether you feel like applying a full face of makeup to mask how you are feeling or you want to get a quick bit of slap on and be done with it; there are two products I would definitely recommend using. The first is a glow giving primer, as the pearlescent particles just make the skin look far more glowy. I love loads of different glowy primers, but would recommend something like Mac Strobe cream, that really packs a punch.

The second product would be an under eye colour corrector, to help cover those dark circles. My all time favourite is the Tarte CC under eye colour corrector.  Just a layer of this under the eye, before concealer, helps to neutralise the purple or blue tones from the dark circles.

I hope some of these tips come in handy for the party season.

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