Peter Thomas Roth – Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Spoiler alert…this product in short is AMAZING!!!!

This review is going to be an entire rave about how great this mask is. I first tried this mask around a year ago, off the back of Viviannadoesmakeup recommending it so highly and to be honest it surpassed all of my expectations.

Firstly the smell…I know you don’t buy a product for the smell, but this smells like Christmas in a pot. If you like Christmas spicy smells, this is right up your street.

This product claims to be a “three-in-one intensive skin resurfacer treatment. Exfoliates with pumpkin enzymes peels with alpha hydroxyl acid, polishes with aluminium oxide. Reveals smoother, younger looking radiant and revitalized skin.” That is some big claims – but it is absolutely spot on.

I try so many different new skin products, that sometimes it is hard to really notice an immediate difference. This, however, really did blow me away. After just one use I could see a real visible difference to my skin. My skin was literally glowing, the fine lines round my eyes had completely gone, my skin was smoother, plumper, every possible good adjective- that was my skin.

It straight away became my holy grail of skin treatments and even nearly a year on, after using so many other treatments, this is still my very favourite mask, the one I go to when I need my skin to look great.

I wouldn’t recommend using this more than twice a week. After cleansing apply a generous layer all over the face, it does have little grains in it, so give your face a little manual exfoliation by rubbing it in circular motions and then leave it to work its magic. I have never had an adverse reaction to this product, despite this product being very “active” and me having super allergic skin. That said, I would still try just a little area first if you have really sensitive skin.

You can order this off Cult Beauty for £39.50. You get a massive pot that will last you a long time.

Let me know your favourite face masks, I would love to see if I can find one I love more the PTR. xxx


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