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Sorry that this post is a day late – I had a bit of a 24 hour sickness bug, so didn’t feel up to posting yesterday. Today’s post is just giving you an honest review of two new cleansers I have been using. One is a balm cleanser – which is the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Cleansing Butter and the other is a cleansing milk which from Lancôme.

I’ll start with the Peter Thomas Roth Cleanser. This is a cleanser I wanted for ages, but I just couldn’t get my hands on it as it was exclusive to Sephora in the US, so the only way to get it here was to pay super high shipping and import tax, which seemed a bit ridiculous, even for me. Finally it became available in the UK and I picked it up from Beauty Bay, which was super exciting. On the day the order was delivered, I opened up the delivery box to find all of my order, except the cleanser. They had put on the shipping form that it had been shipped, but it was nowhere to be seen. So, after a number of emails and tweets my cleanser was finally resent and arrived with me. The cost for the cleanser was £35 for 150ml.

The first time I used it, I was pleased with it, but not as in love with it as I had hoped to be; but I really think it is because I had built it up in my head so much. I have now been using it on and off for nearly 2 months and I seriously enjoy using this cleanser. I don’t like it to remove my makeup, I like to use it as a second cleanse in the evening or my morning cleanse. This isn’t because it does a bad job of removing makeup, it is because it is just too lovely to waste on removing my makeup. I like to use something much more affordable for that stage – something like the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing oil. It feels really luxurious on the skin and helps give a glow to the skin. Gold as an ingredient is designed to help lift the skin, and I have heard a lot of people find this cleanser to be great for that, but I don’t notice a massive difference on that front, but my skin is fairly young still, so maybe slightly older skins may benefit more.

It comes in a large round plastic tub, which I don’t personally mind, as I like scooping product out, it feels weirdly spa like, but I know it isn’t the most hygienic. I had expected the tub to be glass, so was pleasantly surprised it was plastic, as it makes it much more travel friendly. It comes with a weird sponge thing – which I must say, I think is ridiculous and threw it away immediately. It didn’t remove the product well from your face and it is just going to harbour germs as you can’t stick it on a hot wash like you can with a flannel. Totally pointless in my opinion.

As for the Lancôme Galatee Confort, it is a cream cleanser, that comes in a pump bottle and is a whopping 400ml for only £23. So it is good value, considering the price of some skincare out there. My thoughts on this cleanser are very “meh” – for those of you who don’t understand that made up word, it is the sound I make when I think of this cleanser. It isn’t bad, it really isn’t, but I don’t love it either. I would reach for my soap and glory ultimelt cream cleanser over the Lancôme one if given a choice – which I think says it all. I am going to keep using it, as I don’t dislike it and I may find my skin enjoys it more in different seasons, but for now I would give this only a 6  or 7 out of 10.

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