Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment


If you are new to my blog, you may not know that Nars is THE brand that got me into beauty in the first place. I literally obsessed over the brand and used all my pocket money and then Saturday job money to buy it and I still to this day have a real soft spot for Nars. That said, I am now (unlike when I was 16 – and believed Nars could do no wrong, ever.) able to differentiate between the products I love, products that are ok, and ones that are just not worth the money.

I still always rush to buy any new releases from them, and am often desperately waiting for things to come to the UK from the US. The new powermatte lip pigments are no exception . I was counting down the days for their release and stalked the website so much, that I already knew which shades I wanted, which quite frankly was all of them.

Given that the day I bought these, was the same day I treated myself to my new Valentino Rockstuds, I felt that two shades was more than enough – at least until I knew if I liked the formula or not. So I went with one nude, Get it on and one bright, Get up stand up.



The shade I put to the test first was Get it on, which is the nude shade and in short I was blown away. Everything about this shade and formula impressed me. The colour is really similar to my favourite ever nude lip, which happens to be from Nars too (Barbara is the shade name) but where Barbara is a normal lipstick, this is a long lasting matte lip, so you don’t need to worry about reapplying.



The brush head is really slim, which allows for real precision application of the product. I didn’t even feel like I needed a lip liner. The colour payoff is amazing, totally opaque with just one application. They reapply really well too – some matte lipsticks can almost ball up on the lips when you try to top it up and can leave a real cakey feel, but not these lip pigments. “Get it on” lasted so, so well. I applied the first layer at 10.30am and I didn’t reapply it all day, even after eating and drinking it was still there. The picture below was taken at 6.30pm and that is how the colour looked – excuse the slightly oily looking face, I really didn’t reapply any makeup for the picture, it was to capture the lip exactly as it looked after 8 hours of wear.



The thing that impressed me most though, was how truly comfortable it was to wear. I am the type of person who just gets on with the fact that liquid lips are uncomfortable, but wear them anyway and accept that I need a good layer of lip balm on the evening. That being said, I forgot I even had any lipstick on, it was that comfortable to wear. I’ve not worn a matte lip as comfy as this ever before. A massive massive thumbs up.





I wore the bright shade on Monday and I found the colour to be just as opaque on application, but not quite as long lasting. After lunch most of the colour had come off and by the end of the day there wasn’t even a hint of the lip pigment left, other than the faintest, unattractive, lip liner type look you can sometimes get. But, as I mentioned earlier, it reapplies really well and I think it would have lasted perfectly well if I had reapplied after my lunch, but I chose not to, just to see how it lasted. Get up stand up transfered a little more too leaving lipstick marks on my straw, whereas the nude shade was truly transfer proof as well, not the tiniest trace of a lip print on my white mugs.

They are pretty pricey in comparison to other matte lips on the market place. They come in at £23 each, verses £17 for the Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lips and £16 for the Stila Stay All Day liquid lip and £18 for the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lip, but in my opinion they are far comfier to wear, and easier to reapply (the Stila do not reapply well at all) and so are worth the extra couple of pounds.

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