Nars Christopher Kane Chrome Collection

It will not come as new information to regular readers that Nars has my heart. It is my favourite brand by a country mile, with almost every product being a true love. I am still able to admit when there is a product I don’t love so much, there’s just not that many of them. So when I saw the new limited edition Christopher Kane Chrome Collection, it had to be mine!

There are only two products in the range and I bought them both. The first is an eyeshadow palette and the second is a lipstick. The first thing I thought when they arrived was how stunning the packaging was. Nars packaging is normally very sleek – black with white writing. The Chrome collection is however very different. It is in blue holographic packaging with white writing.


Nars Christopher Kane Collection


The eyeshadow palette has 6 truly beautiful and really unusual glitter shades – as I did expect from Nars, as I love their shadows normally. The first two are the lightest shades, one being almost a white toned colour (which doesn’t really have glitter in it, more of a shimmer), the other being more nude toned. In the middle there is a pinky/rust toned glitter and a gold glitter with a slight green undertone. The last two shades are the deepest. On the top row there is the most unusual colour of the bunch, it is a purple toned shadow with a blue holographic glitter, that makes the shadow seem two toned and change colour in different lights. The last shade is a dark grey with a glitter running through it that sometimes looks silver and sometimes looks pale blue.


Nars Hardwired Christopher Kane Collection


As you can see from the swatches above, the light can make the shadows look completely different colours, which is what makes them so gorgeous. The orangey toned swatch in the middle of my hand, is actually the red/pink toned shadow, but under that lighting it looks much more orange, and you will see from the picture below too, that it even looks orangey in the pan too – but I assure you in real life it is much more red.


Nars Christopher Kane


These shadows are definitely more than a shimmer, there is a definitely glitter running through them, but not a chunky glitter. A super fine, super sparkly glitter that catches the light beautifully and makes them so unique. Truly, I couldn’t be more in love with an eyeshadow palette if I tried.

I have used the shadows both with and without glitter glue. I don’t think you really NEED glitter glue for them, as the glitter is so fine, but I do like to use it for a bit of extra security.



The lipstick is a pale holographic lipstick, that I would describe as more of a lipstick topper. There isn’t enough coverage for it to apply an opaque colour to the lip, but it looks beautiful over a real range of colours. My two favourites so far have been over a deep nude lip liner topped and the other has been over a deep plum matte lip.

You can buy the palette for £34 from here –

The lipstick can be bought for £23 from here – 

They are limited edition, so I would move quickly, they are absolutely perfect for the ever approaching holiday season!



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