My recent holiday beauty favourites

It’s been a quiet few months over here on the blog and my YouTube channel. My husband and I found out in January that we are expecting our first baby. So for the first trimester I really couldn’t muster the effort to write posts and get all the pictures taken and editing etc.. I have however; still been using, buying, kindly being sent, and trying lots of products – so new posts will be on their way. Starting with today’s post all about the holiday beauty favourites. These are the bits I couldn’t live without on my recent holiday.

Body Care

When you are out in the sun all day your skin takes a bit of a beating. So I tend to try and nourish my body as much as possible when away, which is something I am ordinarily pretty lazy with.


LAEX TAN and Vaseline



For moisturiser I loved using my Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser. It is so quick and easy to apply – you spray it on and it rubs in, in seconds. No stickiness, no waiting around for it to soak in.

Fake Tan

The other main body product I couldn’t have lived without was a new fake tan. To some people this may sound crazy, when you are on holiday in the sunshine. For me however; fake tan is a holiday beauty essential. I am very fair, and do not tan easily. People who know me really well, will be able to notice I turn a slight darker shade of pale, but to the untrained eye, I am still bright white. So I have given up on trying to get a tan – a tanned skin is a damaged skin after all ( I tell myself this to feel better.)

So I applied a thorough layer of tan before going away and then one more layer mid week. It lasted me through all the sun cream applications, all the showers, a long bath and an 80 minute massage. So I was really impressed with it. It was a new brand to me, a brand called LAEX TAN. I was kindly sent the tan, but I wasn’t paid to talk about it, but when I am impressed with a product I like to share it with you guys. It comes in mousse form – which is my favourite way to apply developing tan. You can buy it in medium or dark. I obviously opted for medium, which was plenty dark enough for me. There is a great guide colour, it applied streak free and just lasted really well and faded evenly,


Hair Care

I am going to do a whole post on my current hair situation and journey – I have been having a really terrible time with my scalp. In short though, I have cut SLS from my hair care routine and it has made a massive difference. I took a mini shampoo and conditioner from a new SLS free range I was trying and it smelt INCREDIBLE. To the point where I could smell it on my hair the next day, as strong as a perfume. It is the Maui Moisture Revive and Hydrate Range. Even Andy saw an improvement to the dryness of his scalp too – I think cutting SLS has made a huge difference. This was possibly my favourite of all the holiday beauty favourites.


Maui Mositure




I took a decent sized makeup bag away with me, but I must be honest I really didn’t feel up to big, full faces of makeup. So I stuck to a fair simple routine every night, but with a few products really standing out.


Brows are something I would never miss out doing, as I have really fair brows, so they need defining. I bought a new brow product to try in the airport, and I am so glad I did. This is not just a holiday beauty favourite but I would say it is hands down my favourite brow product I’ve used before. It is the Benefit Ka-Brow. I bought it in colour 3 in the airport, which is too dark to use totally on its own, so I have also bought number 2 and I use a bit of both, to create different shades. It applies so easily, and really defines the brows without making them look drawn on. The brush in the set is also great, so it is super handy to have in your bag. Not that you will need to top it up, as it didn’t budge either.





I would normally try to go really light on my base on holiday, to let my holiday skin breath. However; I had faked tanned, as I mentioned above, and I never fake tan my face – as it ALWAYS results in spots and normally an allergic reaction too. So I had to try and match my face to my body. I really loved my base routine, and actually focused on this – got a flawless glowy base and then just brows, mascara and lip and that was the full look, every night.

I started with the Becca Backlight Priming Filter mixed with a blob of the Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Cream and would apply that all over as a totally gorgeous base. This is a new firm favourite combination, even now I am back but it is definitely a great holiday beauty routine because of how dewy it is. Foundation wise I mixed between the few I packed, so no firm favourite there.


Becca Backlight and Estee Lauder EE


For a bit of dimension I used the Nars Liquid Laguna for some added bronze and the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palette for contour – this was just a perfect combo, to add the bronzed look back in but still looking glowy and all beautifully meshed together. I love using liquid and cream products on holiday – as powders can look a little obvious on the skin.


Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate and Nars Laguna


Then I used the Smashbox highlighting palette – the middle shade – and I LOVED it. This was just the perfect level of glow. I didn’t even touch another highlighter for the week – which is very unusual for me.


Smashbox Highlighter



I have totally fallen in love with the Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara that I got for my birthday from my best friend. It is just amazing. It makes your lashes look so long, black and curly. So I would use just that and no eye shadow and that would be perfect.


Lancome Monsieur Big



I didn’t feel particularly in love with the normal suntan cream we used, but I did really love the La Roche-Posay SPF 50 invisible face spray. It is so, so light you truly can’t feel it on your skin, so it is great for topping up your face SPF throughout the day.


That is all of my holiday beauty favourites and things I would definitely pack again for my holidays. One last favourite, which wasn’t a beauty favourite, but really worked out well, was my beach towel. It was a round watermelon beach towel. Which I bought for how cute it looked, and thought it wouldn’t be massively practical. However; it ended up being the opposite. We were in Tenerife, which can be a little winder, so if the wind got up I could just pull the towel over me like a blanket, for a minute or two, whilst the wind passed. Whereas Andy had a normal beach towel and obviously didn’t have the excess towel to do that with. I know this won’t be useful for most abroad holidays, but I will definitely always remember that for anywhere a little windier.

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