Laura Mercier – Ambre Vanille

Today’s post is all about, as the title would suggest, Laura Mercier’s Ambre Vanille Bath and Body range. It is the most amazing range I have ever used for my body, the smell is absolutely divine.

I have five of the products from the range – the Body Butter, Body Soufflé, Body Scrub, Body Wash and Honey Bath. I will talk about each product individually.

The Body Butter is my favourite from the range, it is a super thick body moisturiser that sinks in really easily and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky at all, but the main thing that makes this body butter so amazing is how strong the gorgeous scent is and how long it lasts for. So much so, that one of my friends ( I hope she won’t mind me sharing) when she went into labour, decided to try and stay at home for as long as possible and actually slathered herself in this cream and when she was in hospital the nurses could smell it on her and loved it so much they were on the internet trying to order some!  I think that tells you enough about how amazing it smells and how long the smell lasts for. The Body Butter comes in a 170g tube and costs £27.

Next is the Body Soufflé, it is obviously still in the gorgeous scent but the main difference here is the consistency. It is much thinner than the Body Butter and I find the scent doesn’t last for quite as long on the skin, but it does still last really well in comparison to other body creams I have used. As it is thinner, it does sink in even quicker than the Body Butter. The Souffle comes in a glass jar rather than a tube and you get 300g for £45.

The Body Scrub is a gorgeous body exfoliator. It is definitely on the more gentle side – so any of you super dry legged ladies may need something a bit more abrasive than this, but if you like to have a luxury feeling scrub to use before going out somewhere nice, just to feel smoother, then this is the perfect product. It makes my arms feel so soft and again THAT SMELL…sorry to bang on, but it is heavenly. This also come in a glass jar and you get 300g for £37, it actually comes with a miniature shovel to scoop the product out with which is super cute.

The Body Wash is also lovely. I do find it hard to get too excited about a body wash, but it does have the gorgeous scent, which then just helps the smell from the body butter to last even longer. It lathers up nicely and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated after using it. It costs £31.

The last product that I own from the range is the Bath Honey, and this is a definite close second favourite. It makes your bath feel so luxurious. It comes with a wooden honey dipper to dispense the Honey into your bath and instantly the whole room smells of Vanilla gorgeousness! It bubbles up fairly well considering it is a honey not bath bubbles and it leaves your skin feeling hydrated when you get out. It makes your bath feel so relaxing, the only other thing you need, is to light a candle and you are in full relaxation mode. I do have the Ambre Vanille candle, but it isn’t available for individual sale, it came in a Christmas set. Again this comes in a 300ml jar and costs £33.

There are other scents within the range, but for me this is the only scent to have. If you want to go and have a smell yourself to experience it, Laura Mercier is available from lots of retailers including Selfridges, SpaceNK and John Lewis.



  1. Emma
    6th April 2016 / 8:11 pm

    100% this is on my to buy list. I smelled this today and it’s beautiful, good enough to eat. Thanks for recommending it 🙂 xxx

    • alicelovesxo
      6th April 2016 / 8:22 pm

      You are welcome…perfect honeymoon scent. x

  2. Liss
    6th April 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Love love love this and so did those midwives haha! It certainly took the pain away for a short while when we were talking about it. Thanks for introducing it to me Al for one of my birthday presents. The hand cream is also amazing! It was my first introduction to Laura Mercier and this scent. I fell in love instantly. I think it’s about £13 xx

  3. kelly marston
    7th April 2016 / 6:07 pm

    One of my favourite smells 2 Alice. I will have to put it on b4 I have my baby xx

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