Iceland – Part 2

Picking up from where I left off on Sunday…after the golden circle trip, we arrived back in Reykjavik and went back to the hotel to freshen up and change ready for dinner. For this evening’s reservation we had a booked a table at Kopar. After checking out the location on the map, we decided it was more than walkable, even for me, who really hates walking. So we wrapped up and headed out for dinner and just as we arrived at Kopar it started quite heavily snowing, which was really beautiful to watch through the window.

Dinner here was another tasting menu; however after learning from the night before’s mistake, we ordered the appetizer tasting menu, which was 6 appetizers each and then ordered an additional starter size portion of mussels with garlic fries. Kopar felt much more of a fine dining experience that Tapas Barrin, where we had been the night before, and the staff were really wonderful.

I ordered a cocktail to start with, which is hands down the nicest cocktail I have ever had. It is called Purple Mountain, and it included Vodka, thyme, lemon, sugar syrup and egg white. It was so delicious, I just wish it hadn’t cost £20 – the price of alcohol in Iceland is really quite shocking.

The tasting experience started with a glass of bubbles each – which always works in my favour, as Andy doesn’t like bubbles, so I got to enjoy two. We then worked our way through 7 wonderful courses, plus a full basket of bread with some amazing whipped butter with liquorice salt. Our favourite course, not just from this restaurant, but from the whole holiday, was the seared Tuna, which, considering Andy doesn’t normally like Tuna, is quite impressive.


We were so full from all the gorgeous food that we didn’t have a dessert, and just settled up and enjoyed the lovely walk home in the snow.

Day 3

Day 3 was a day of sight seeing in Reykjavik itself and it was a lovely day, but there isn’t masses to see. So we went to see their famous and very stunning church called Hallgrimskirkja. The architecture was really unusual, even on the inside, so we enjoyed a look around and then we got a ticket to go up to the very top and look out of the viewing tower, which had views over all of Reykjavik.


After seeing the Church we decided to pop in to the Creperie, as we obviously hadn’t consumed enough food already on this city break. We both had a crepe, Andy had a Snickers Crepe and I had a Diam and fresh strawberry crepe – they were super yummy and to top things off we had a hot chocolate each too. This wasn’t just any hot chocolate though. When I got to the till they asked if we wanted Toblerone, Snickers, Oreo, Ferrero Rocher (or many other options.) We both opted for the Toblerone and it was divine, it was actual melted toblerone mixed with hot milk, then marshmallows (not the mini ones that melt away too quickly, nor the huge ones that take up the whole glass, just the perfect sized marshmallows, that were gooey on the outside but still with a little chew) and then fresh whipped double cream on the top with toblerone sprinkled over the top. It was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had, I dread to think of how many calories were consumed.

After that we did go and see a few more sights, including the concert hall, which is another very unusual building, and you could go inside and have a look around and there was a cinematic experience on – which we didn’t actually go and see in the end.
Other than that there was very little to see, we saw a few other interesting buildings and you could go and see the History Museum or the Penis Museum but we didn’t really fancy either of those.
We had been told about the famous Hot Dog stand that loads of celebs have eaten at including Bill Clinton, so we made our way for lunch to try one out. Knowing we were having a big evening meal, we said we would share one “with everything” which is the way the Icelanders have them. As we were paying for the hot dog, Andy said to the guy serving us something about the famous hot dogs and the guy informed us that although their hot dogs were better, they weren’t actually the famous hot dog stand. We couldn’t do much about it, as we were paying, so we ate the hot dog, which was AMAZING and then the only normal thing to do is to walk immediately around the corner to the actual famous stand and buy one of theirs to compare. The guy was right the first stand was better.
That evening we went to Grillmarkadurrin which was another really fabulous taster menu. This had a great buzz, really lovely décor, really attentive staff and a real fine dining feel.
There was whale on the taster menu, which I know will upset some people, so if you are thinking of going just be aware of that.

Day 4
Today was meant to be a 10am collection from the hotel for the Blue Lagoon trip. So we got up nice and early to have breakfast and be ready and waiting outside. By 10.30am no coach had arrived, so I nipped in to reception to be told that all of the roads out of Reykjavik had been closed due to a storm and so the trip was off. This was such a pain as I was most excited by the Blue Lagoon and it was also this evening we were going to do the Northern Lights tour, which was also cancelled. After having the day before sightseeing, in a small city without loads to see it was really frustrating, as there wasn’t really anything left to do. So we went to a café and played some cards for a few hours, went and tried the Dirty Burger bar, where we had ribs and fries and some wings to share (there is a theme here, we ate A LOT!) After that we went to head back to our hotel room and reception informed us that the 4.30pm trip to the Blue Lagoon was running as the roads had reopened. So we were able to make it to the BL afterall.
The lagoon was really fabulous, especially once we found the really warm area. I’m not sure what was going on, but when we first got in it was very luke warm and not enjoyable, but we swam through the far bridge and that area was boiling and by the time we left and swam back through the whole thing had warmed up.
There is a swim up bar, so I had two glasses of bubbles and loved taking in the breath taking views. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures, as I watched a women drop not one but two iphones into the lagoon, so I decided to leave my phone in my locker.
We got the coach home and went to bed as we were collected at 4am for our homeward journey ( although we did squeeze in a pizza to share before bed, whoops!)
I hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip to Iceland.
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