2017 – The best of!

I always love the start of a new year. I love to set myself some new goals to achieve for the short, medium and long term. But I never call them resolutions, as they aren’t. They really are goals – things I am going to work hard to achieve. I always find a new motivation and I also love looking back at 2017 and remembering all the highlights. I am in no way pretending there weren’t any bad things in 2017. Some of my closest friends have had a less than ideal 2017 and it is hard to see people you love going through that. But I wanted to focus on my top ten positive memories from 2017 – the best of 2017!

It was actually really hard to narrow it down to just ten. So I am really hoping I don’t offend anyone by missing out great memories I have had with you too in 2017.


This was our first trip of the year and was actually our wedding anniversary present to each other. Our anniversary is in July, so we booked this trip for the following Feb. It was totally incredible. I fell in love with Iceland and would really recommend it to anyone thinking of going. We did sadly miss the Northern Lights, but that didn’t spoil it for us, it still definitely made it into the best of 2017.

I did a full blog post on our trip and what we did which you can read here and here.


Iceland 2017

Arrival of Rosie and Finn

Two of my best friends had their first child this year and it was so wonderful. They were born only two weeks apart, so it was a really exciting time. It is so lovely to see them growing older and changing and I am so excited to spend some more time with them this year.






For the last 3 years now, my husband and I, along with our parents, have gone away for a long weekend together. In 2017 we went to Bath. We booked a really beautiful house and just had a great time seeing Bath and all being together. We had some fab food and drink and played some games as well as celebrating my in-laws silver wedding anniversary.




Celine Dion

I don’t really think this needs many words! My sister and I have been die hard fans of Celine Dion since we were young children and used to dance around the lounge to her biggest ballads. So when we got the chance to go and see her live in London I nearly cried. We had such an amazing time, from start to end. She had an emotional tribute to her late husband, rocked some incredible outfits and blasted out all of the songs you would want to hear. This was a real highlight of my 20’s let alone 2017.


Celine Dion 2017

Ascot 2017

Ascot was actually only two days after Celine. So I rush back from London on the Wednesday morning, worked the afternoon and then headed off to ladies day on the Thursday. This was the first time I have ever been to any horse racing, so it was very exciting to go to Ascot ladies day as the first one. We had such a great time, with so many giggles. I filmed a video on my makeup look which you can watch here.



Mom’s 60th Birthday / Ibiza

So, this is a bit of an on going joke in our family, as last year was the year my Sister and John got married, yet my Mom’s 60th seemed to get more air time the first half of the year. So we kept joking it was THE event of the year. Jokes aside, we had a really great time celebrating. She had a fabulous party, where all Mom’s closest friends and family came and we danced the night away. We then went to Ibiza for a week’s holiday, as the party just wasn’t enough. Ibiza was great. We had a gorgeous villa, great weather and a fab time all together.





Amy’s two hen dos

As I mentioned above, Amy and John got married in 2017 and to send her off in style we had two hen do’s. I am technically biased here, as I played a big part in planning them, but I just totally loved them. The main hen was in a fabulous hen house in Manchester, and was full of bubbles, gin, rose gold, cupcake making, karaoke, wine tasting, pampering, games and loads of fun. The second hen was a Midlands hen that some of the family could come to too. We had another rose gold and cocktail filled afternoon tea in Birmingham. Planning the hens consumed a lot of 2017 for me, as I love planning all the tiny details, so the fact they went so well was a huge highlight for me.







The day after the second hen, we went with a group of our best friends to Dartmouth. I have done two posts on our trip here and the things we did which you can read here and here.

We filled everyday full of fun and activities and it was great all being together.


Anchor stone cafe


Amy and John’s Wedding

Well….this has to be THE highlight of the year, absolutely the best of 2017. I’m filling up just writing this little paragraph. My Sister and best friend marrying her wonderful Fiancé John (it’s rare to say nice things about him, as we are normally always winding him up and giving him a hard time, but we love him to bits.) It was a totally amazing day from start to finish and I cannot wait to watch back the wedding video and see all the official pictures when they are finally in.








This was a surprise trip away from my best friend Kate. She booked it up as an early Christmas present for me and her other best friend Emily. We went up to Leeds for the day, had a great brunch, a quick shop and then went to see the Little Mermaid ballet. It was the most fantastic day, we laughed so much. I did a full post on our trip, which you can read here.


christmas cocktails


angelica leeds



We ended our year in Dubai visiting my husband’s best friend and his wife. We were there for 5 nights and 4 days and had simply the best time. Dubai was a city we really loved and would definitely want to go back and visit and it was made even better by being able to spend some quality time with Andy’s best friend. I have done a really in depth post on our time here, which you can read here.





I am really looking forward to seeing what amazing memories get created in 2018 and hope that the best of 2018 is even bigger and better than the best of 2017. Wishing you all a fabulous 2018!


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