Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Concentrated Eye Mask

The one place I can really see dehydration on my skin is around my eyes and it drives me mad. There are a couple of eye creams that really help but every now and then I still need a little more help. My favourite “extra help” to reach for is the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Concentrated Eye Masks.



The concept of them, is the same as that of a sheet mask, but it is specifically for your eyes. They are a single use eye mask, soaked in a concentrated serum to rehydrate the eyes and help with the signs of ageing.  You can buy them as an individual (£10) or a pack of 4 (£36.) Each one is individually packed and has the serum in the bottom part of the packaging and the pads at the top. When you are ready to use is you press the liquid chamber to release the serum and then massage it in to the pads. The first time I used them, I found it a little tricky to master bursting the seal, to allow the serum out of the liquid chamber. I just kept squishing the liquid from left to right, but once you know what you are doing it is easy enough.



Once you have give the serum a really good massage into the pads, you rip open the packet and take out the pads. There is a sheet of clear plastic to remove, and then you just separate the two pads and apply them to the eye area and leave them to work their magic for a good 10-15 minutes.



It does recommend you use them on the evening, so you can go to bed and leave the product to work. What I like to do though, is to apply them on a morning when I am not going out anywhere any time soon, so I don’t need to immediately apply makeup on top. I then put the pads back into the packet. There is always loads of the serum left in the packet. So I massage the rest of the liquid into the pads again and then on the evening of the same day I use them a second time. I would recommend doing it on the same day, or the product will dry out anyway, and because they are open the air gets to the product and it starts deteriorating, so it won’t last any longer than the same day.

Once you remove the pads, gently massage in the excess to the skin and then follow with the rest of your skin care regime – I went in today with a face oil and applied quite a thick layer and left  it to soak in, as I didn’t need to go out anywhere today.

My eyes looked instantly more hydrated and the fine lines had disappeared. They are quite a pricey product, at £10 per pair, but they are a really great product to have in for emergencies, especially if you have a big event on.

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