Get the designer look from the highstreet

One of my favourite things to do, is to find amazing high street items that have a real designer feel. Don’t get me wrong I love designer things, and I am partial to treating myself to the real deal now and then; but the reality of life is that I cannot wear head to toe designer every day #firstworldproblems. So instead, I find myself searching out items that have a real designer feel but without the designer price tag.

I thought I would start a regular series on the blog, where I show you designer outfits and their high street alternatives. This week’s high street look, is actually an outfit I own and really enjoy wearing but did note it was very similar to some more high end alternatives.

The Mango coat has a really expensive look and feel, it is really well made, which means it fits really beautifully and looks much more high end than it is. It is also extremely similar to the £2000 Gucci coat above. The Miss Selfridge top is a fantastic alternative to the Reiss flute sleeve blouse and is almost £100 cheaper. I have added a pair of ALDO boots below, as they are a pair I have my eye on , but the actual leopard print boots that I have from the high street are from Next 

As you can see, these looks are incredibly similar and I can vouch that the high street pieces are still great quality. The designer outfit’s total is a steep £3,155.07 verses the high street equivalent which comes in at £219.97. That is less than 10% of the high end alternative.


*The links are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small percentage if you use the links to purchase any of these items. It doesn’t cost you anything extra at all to buy through these links, but may help me out a little.

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