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Hi Guys,

Thanks for coming to check out my blog. A bit about me…I am a complete beauty addict! I have loved all things beauty from a really young age. I used to carry round a handbag that was bigger than me, aged about 5, with all of my Mom’s makeup cast offs and the passion grew from there. At about 9 or 10 I used to get my Mom to have sleepovers with me downstairs in the lounge so we could have girly pamper nights, where I would do pedicures for us both.

Then as I got a little older I would save all my pocket money to go and buy what I could from what was then No17 and Collection2000.

As soon as I got a Saturday job, I used to use all my wages to buy Nars. This is where the serious love for luxury makeup grew. I was very loyal to Nars for years, friends on facebook with the ladies that worked there and owning almost the whole counter.

I eventually realised it was ok to mix and match brands and that you didn’t have to use just one. So then the collection of makeup developed further…which then branched into a love for great skincare too.

When we moved into our current house, I claimed one of the bedrooms as my beauty room, and loved being able to have one place to keep all my beauty products and have enjoyed turning this into my own space to enjoy pampering.

I have loved beauty blogs for years now, and finally decided to take the plunge to get involved myself and share my love for everything beauty with all you lovely people.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Love Alice xx


For any PR enquiries please contact me on alicelovesxo@outlook.com